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TODO Production was established in 2002 and, from 2002 to 2009, organized a number of cool and unforgettable concerts in Turkey and abroad. 

TODO Production started offering managerial services in 2009, and, roughly around the same period, its path crossed with messy-haired heartthrob, Hayrettin Karaoguz. Trying to cope with the tremendous workload at hand, TODO Production temporarily suspended concert organizations and assisted Hayrettin Karaoguz in all his events, but TODO never changed his hairstyle for some reason. Since 2009, many “Hayrettin Events” have been held at over 100 Turkish universities. TODO Production also offers all production and managerial services in an environmentally-friendly fashion. Hayrettin’s “Metrobus Mangal Style” and “Metrocard Prank” videos and a lot more were shot by TODO Production.

TODO Production has always been well-aware of the needs and requirements of the market, and is still working to take its production, organization, and managerial work to a next step. It has a team of 12: a director, a director of editing, a graphic designer, a cameraman, a social media expert, scriptwriters, and production assistants. The team is constantly supported by a conscientious tea lady. The company is in possession of all the equipment required for video production and offers its customers fast, budget-friendly, and perfect solutions. TODO also provides aerial and underwater filming and equipment renting services.